Seventh Phase

Papers prepared for the Seventh Phase of the GDN – SEE project:

Research area: ‘Falling behind and catching up in Southeast Europe’:


2014 06 wiiw bo wp 112, Mario Holzner

The Effects of Highway Construction in the Balkans: Insights from the Via Militaris (PDF)

2015 09 wiiw bo wp 114, Predrag Četković

The Role of Banks in Economic Development in the Former SFR Yugoslavia (PDF)

2015 10 wiiw bo wp 115, Sandra M. Leitner

Firm growth and financing constraints in the NMS-10 and the Western Balkan countries – a comparative analysis (PDF)

2015 10 wiiw bo wp 116, Branimir Jovanović, Marjan Petreski and Igor Velickovski

Tariff-induced (de)industrialization in transition economies: A comparative analysis (PDF)

2015 11 wiiw bo wp 117, Roman Römisch

Estimating agglomeration in the EU and the Western Balkan regions (PDF)

2015 12 wiiw bo wp 118Zoran Aralica and Nebojsa Stojcic

Regional Patterns of Deindustrialization and Prospects for Reindustrialization in South and Central East European Countries (PDF)

2016 02 wiiw bo wp 119, Petre Caraiani

A quantitative explanation of the low productivity in South-Eastern European economies: the role of misallocations (PDF)

2016 03 wiiw bo wp 120, Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett, Vladimir Gligorov and Jelena Krstić

Corruption Risk and Legitimacy in Outsourced Public Service Provision: Evidence from Serbia (PDF)

2016 05 wiiw bo wp 121, Eduard Alvarez, Mario Holzner, Stefan Jestl and Jordi Marti-Henneberg

Introducing Railway Time in the Balkans: Economic effects of railway construction in Southeast Europe and beyond since the early 19th century until present days (PDF)

2016 06 wiiw bo wp 122, Ivo Bićanić, Milan Deskar-Škrbić and Jurica Zrnc

A Narrative Explanation of Breakpoints and Convergence Patterns in Yugoslavia and its Successor States 1952-2015 (PDF)

2016 06 wiiw bo wp 123, Mario Holzner, Amat Adarov and Luka Šikić

Backwardness, Industrialisation and Economic Development in Europe (PDF)

2016 08 wiiw bo wp 124, Isilda Mara and Michael Landesmann

Massive Migration and its Effect on Human Capital and Growth: The Case of Western Balkan and Central and Eastern European Countries (PDF)

2016 11 wiiw bo wp 125, Vladimir Gligorov

The Transfer and Adjustment Problems in the Balkans (PDF)