First Phase

Papers prepared for the First Phase of the GDN – SEE project:

Research area: ‘Long-Term Development in Southeast Europe‘:

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 008, Ivan Krastev

A Moral Economy of Anti-Corruption Sentiments in Transition (PDF)

2002 01 wiiw bo wp 018, Dennis C. Mueller

Constitutional Quandaries in Southeast Europe (PDF)

2002 01 wiiw bo wp 020, Velimir Bole

Disinflation and Labor Market Distortions: Lessons from Slovenia (PDF)

2002 01 wiiw bo wp 021, Giuseppe De Arcangelis, Giovanni Ferri and Pier Carlo Padoan

Firms’ Clustering and SEE Export Performance: Lessons from the Italian Experience (PDF)

2001 10 wiiw bo wp 006, John P. Bonin

Financial Intermediation in Southeast Europe: Banking On the Balkans (PDF)

2002 02 wiiw bo wp 022, Ljubomir Madžar

Institutional Constraints on Southeasteuropean Development (PDF)

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 009, Milojko Arsić, Zorica Mladenović and Pavle Petrović

Macroeconomic Stabilization in the FRY (PDF)

2001 12, Milica Uvalić

Privatisation and Corporate Governance in Serbia (PDF)


2001 05, Veselin Vukotić

Privatization in Montenegro (PDF)

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 013, Muhamet Mustafa, Muhamet Sadiku, Isa Mustafa, Ymer Havolli and Isa Mulaj

Prospects for Economic Development in Kosova and Regional Context (PDF)

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 015, Gligor Bishev, Zoran Jovanovski and Aneta Naumovska

Short and Medium–Term Macroeconomic Stabilization Strategies and Effects (PDF)

2002 02 wiiw bo wp 024, Vladimir Gligorov

Southeast Europe: History of Divergence (PDF)

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 016, Marta Muço, Peter Sanfey and Erjon Luçi

Stabilization, monetary policy and financial institutions in Albania (PDF)

2001 08 wiiw bo wp 005, Daniel Daianu and Radu Vranceanu

Subduing High Inflation in Romania: How to Better Monetary and Exchange Rate Mechanisms? (PDF)

2002 02 wiiw bo wp 025, Vojmir Franičević

The Postsocialist States in Southeast Europe: Challenges and Dilemmas (PDF)

2002 03, Ivo Bicanić

The Economic Role of The State in Southeast European Economies in Transition (PDF)

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 017, Mojmir Mrak and Jože P. Damijan

Trade Reintegration of Southeast Europe in View of Projected Balance of Payment Developments: The Role of Neighbouring Slovenia (PDF)

2002 02, Judita čučulić

The Role of the State in Nominal Convergence with the EU (PDF)

2001 10 wiiw bo wp 007, Jean Tesche

The Role of the State in South East Europe: Fiscal Issues (PDF)

Research area: ‘Regionalism in Southeast Europe’ :

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 010, Milena Jovičić, Miroslav Zdravković and Radmila Dragutinović Mitrović

Federal Republic Yugoslavia: Trade Potentials and Comparative Advantages (PDF)

2002 01 wiiw bo wp 019, Jane Miljovski and Vanco Uzunov

International and Regional Economic Integration in South East Europe: The Case of Macedonia (PDF)

2002 06 wiiw bo wp 027, Paul Brenton and Miriam Manchin

Making EU Trade Agreements Work: The Role of Rules of Origin (PDF)

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 011, Edward Christie

Potential Trade in Southeast Europe: A Gravity Model Approach (PDF)

2001 12 wiiw bo wp 012, Boris Majcen and Jože P. Damijan

Recovery and Growth in the Manufacturing Sectors of CEE Transition Economies: Short and Long-Term Efficiency Improving Factors (PDF)

2002 06 wiiw bo wp 028, Boris Vujčić and Vedran Šošić

SEE and the Trade Potential of Croatia (PDF)

2002 03 wiiw bo wp 026, Liviu Voinea

SEE the Difference: Romanian Regional Trade and Investment (PDF)

2002 02 wiiw bo wp 023, Martin Dimitrov and Krassen Stanchev

SEE Trade and Institutions: A Case Study on Bulgaria and the Region (PDF)


2001 12, Jože P. Damijan

Slovenian Investment Activity in SEE (PDF)


2001 12 wiiw bo wp 014, Vasily Astrov

Structure of Trade in Manufactured Products Between Southeast European Countries and the European Union (PDF)

2001 12, Vladimir Gligorov

Trade and Investment in the Balkans (PDF)