Fifth Phase

Papers prepared for the Fifth Phase of the GDN – SEE & CIS project:

Research area: ‘Inequality and Public Policy’:


2010 07 wiiw bo wp 085, Ivica Urban

Decomposing Redistributive and Reranking Effects to Reveal Contributions of Taxes and Benefits (PDF)

2010 10 wiiw bo wp 086, Olgica Ivančev, Milena Jovičić and Tijana Milojević

Income Inequality and Social Policy in Serbia (PDF)

2010 10 wiiw bo wp 087, Mario Holzner

Inequality, Growth and Public Spending in Central, East and Southeast Europe (PDF)

2010 12 wiiw bo wp 088, Marat Ibragimov, Rustam Ibragimov and Rufat Khamidov

Measuring Inequality in CIS Countries: Theory and Empirics (PDF)

2011 01 wiiw bo wp 089, Vesselin Mintchev, Venelin Boshnakov and Alexander Naydenov

Sources of Income Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Bulgaria (PDF)

2011 01 wiiw bo wp 090, Tamara Podvysotskaya, Elena Osinkina, Larysa Krasnikova and Yuriy Podvysotskiy

Does health Matter for Inequality in Transition Countries: The Case of Ukraine (PDF)

2011 02 wiiw bo wp 091, Kosovka Ognjenović

Wage Differences between the Private and the Public Sector in Serbia: Some Evidence from Survey Data (PDF)

2011 02 wiiw bo wp 092, Nermin Oruč

Do Social Transfers “Crowd-Out” Remittances: Evidence from Bosnia (PDF)

2011 02 wiiw bo wp 093, Liviu Voinea and Flaviu Mihaescu

A Contribution to the Public-Private Wage Inequality Debate: The Iconic Case of Romania (PDF)

2011 03 wiiw bo wp 094, Isilda Mara and Edlira Narazani

The Effects of Flat Tax on Inequality and Informal Employment: The Case of Albania (PDF)

2011 03 wiiw bo wp 095, Silviya Nikolova, Nikolay Markov, Boyko Nikolov and Nasko Dochev

Inequality and Public Policy: A Country Study for Bulgaria (PDF)

2011 03 wiiw bo wp 096, Sebastian Leitner and Robert Stehrer

Subgroup and Shapely Value Decompositions of Multidimensional Inequality: An Application to South East European Countries (PDF)