Fourth Phase

Papers prepared for the Fourth Phase of the GDN – SEE project:

Research area: ‘Inequality’:

2009 10 wiiw bo wp 083, Ivo Bićanić and Oriana Vukoja

Long Term Changes in Croatia’s Wage Inequality: 1970-2006 (PDF)

2008 12 wiiw bo wp 075, Gorana Krstić and Peter Sanfey

Earnings Inequality and the Informal Economy: Evidence from Serbia (PDF)

2008 02 wiiw bo wp 074, Sebastian Leitner and Mario Holzner

Economic Inequality in Central, East and Southeast Europe (PDF)

2009 11 wiiw bo wp 084, Sebastian Leitner and Robert Stehrer

Determinants of Inequality in Selected SEE Countries: Results from Shapley Value Decompositions (PDF)

Research area: ‘Migration’:

2009 05 wiiw bo wp 078, Nermin Oruć

Self-Selection in Conflict-Induced Migration: Micro Evidence from Bosnia (PDF)

2009 08 wiiw bo wp 082, Daniel Pop

Guest-worker Programs and the Propensity to Emigrate: Evidence from the Work-and-travel USA program in Romania (PDF)

2009 05 wiiw bo wp 079, Isilda Shima

The New Face of Slavery in the Balkans (PDF)

2009 05 wiiw bo wp 080, José de Sousa, Laetita Duval, François-Charles Wolff, Ana Bleahu and Rodica Calmuc

Determinants and Implications of Remittances in Albania and Romania (PDF)

2009 04 wiiw bo wp 076, Anna Iara

The Effect of Work Migration on Domestic Labour Supply in Albania (PDF)

Research area: ‘Fiscal systems’:

2009 04 wiiw bo wp 077, Edlira Narazani

Labour Supply, Remittances and the New Flat Tax in Albania (PDF)

2009 05 wiiw bo wp 081, Flaviu Mihaescu and Liviu Voinea

The Impact of the Flat Tax Reform on Inequality: The Case of Romania (PDF)