Sixth Phase

Papers prepared for the Sixth Phase of the GDN – SEE & CIS project:

Research area: ‘Microeconomic effects’:


2012 11 wiiw bo wp 100, Ivana Herceg and Danijel Nestić

A New Cluster-Based Financial Vulnerability Indicator: The Analytical Concept and its Application for Stress Testing in a Post-Socialist Economy (PDF)

2012 12 wiiw bo wp 102, Alma Kudebayeva

Effects of Crisis on Income and Poverty: The Case of Kazakhstan (PDF)

2012 12 wiiw bo wp 103, Tamara Podvysotskaya, Larysa Krasnikova, Yuriy Podvysotskiy
and Olena Osinkina

Social Aspects of Crisis Effects on Households: The Case of Ukraine (PDF)

2012 12 wiiw bo wp 105, Marat Ibragimov, Rustam Ibragimov, Jovlon Karimov and Galiya Yuldasheva

Robust Analysis of Income Inequality Dynamics in Russia: t-Statistic Based Approaches (PDF)

2013 01 wiiw bo wp 107, Laetitia Duval and François-Charles Wolff

The consumption-enhancing effect of remittances: Evidence from Kosovo (PDF)

2013 02 wiiw bo wp 108, Naida Trkić-Izmirlija and Adnan Efendić

Effects of the global economic crisis and public spending on income distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF)

2013 02 wiiw bo wp 109, Edlira Narazani

A Micro Level Perspective of Euroization in Albania (PDF)

2013 06 wiiw bo wp 111, Sebastian Leitner

Analysis of Short and Medium Term Crisis Effects on Welfare and Poverty in SEE:
Stress Testing Bulgarian and Romanian Households (PDF)

Research area: ‘Macroeconomic effects’:

2012 12 wiiw bo wp 106, Valentina Lapo

The spatial structure of the Russian economy and the multipolar world (PDF)

2013 05 wiiw bo wp 110, Mario Holzner

Inequality and the Crisis: A Causal Inference Analysis (PDF)

Research area: ‘Policy response’:


2012 12 wiiw bo wp 104, Branimir Jovanović and Marjan Petreski

Hemlock for policy response: Monetary policy, exchange rates and labour unions in SEE and CIS during the crisis (PDF)

Research area: ‘Improving labour market institutions’:


2012 11 wiiw bo wp 099, Goran Vukšić

Sectoral wage dynamics and intersectoral linkages in the context of export competitiveness: the case of Croatia (PDF)

2012 11 wiiw bo wp 101, Dimitar Nikoloski, Ljupcho Pechijareski and Goran Pechijareski

The role of the alternative labour market adjustment mechanisms in Macedonia during the economic crisis (PDF)