Prof. Dr. Marijan Hanžeković Prize 2015

The Prof. Dr. Marijan Hanžeković Trust invites entries for the annual award of the Prof. Dr. Marijan Hanžeković Prize. Croatian and foreign nationals have the right to submit works in the regular prize category.

For the student prize, students in post-graduate courses at home and abroad may enter. Only original and unpublished works can be entered. Co-authorship is permitted, in which case the prize will be divided.

The competition is open, and works are submitted under a pseudonym. The authors have to write the pseudonym and the category of prize being competed for (i.e., the regular or the student prize), and alongside the text submit a sealed envelope in which are the pseudonym, the completed application form, and the curriculum vitae of the author. The deadline for submission is June 1, 2015.

For detailed information please visit the IJF link.