GDN - SEE The Seventh Phase

Papers prepared for the Seventh Phase of the GDN - SEE project:



Research area: 'Falling behind and catching up in Southeast Europe':

2014 06 wiiw bo wp 112, Mario Holzner

The Effects of Highway Construction in the Balkans: Insights from the Via Militaris (PDF)


2015 09 wiiw bo wp 114, Predrag Četković

The Role of Banks in Economic Development in the Former SFR Yugoslavia (PDF)


2015 10 wiiw bo wp 115, Sandra M. Leitner

Firm growth and financing constraints in the NMS-10 and the Western Balkan countries – a comparative analysis (PDF)


2015 10 wiiw bo wp 116, Branimir Jovanović, Marjan Petreski and Igor Velickovski

Tariff-induced (de)industrialization in transition economies: A comparative analysis (PDF)


2015 11 wiiw bo wp 117, Roman Römisch

Estimating agglomeration in the EU and the Western Balkan regions (PDF)


2015 12 wiiw bo wp 118Zoran Aralica and Nebojsa Stojcic

Regional Patterns of Deindustrialization and Prospects for Reindustrialization in South and Central East European Countries (PDF)


2016 02 wiiw bo wp 119, Petre Caraiani

A quantitative explanation of the low productivity in South-Eastern European economies: the role of misallocations (PDF)


2016 03 wiiw bo wp 120, Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett, Vladimir Gligorov and Jelena Krstić

Corruption Risk and Legitimacy in Outsourced Public Service Provision: Evidence from Serbia (PDF)


2016 05 wiiw bo wp 121, Eduard Alvarez, Mario Holzner, Stefan Jestl and Jordi Marti-Henneberg

Introducing Railway Time in the Balkans: Economic effects of railway construction in Southeast Europe and beyond since the early 19th century until present days (PDF)


2016 06 wiiw bo wp 122, Ivo Bićanić, Milan Deskar-Škrbić and Jurica Zrnc

A Narrative Explanation of Breakpoints and Convergence Patterns in Yugoslavia and its Successor States 1952-2015 (PDF)


2016 06 wiiw bo wp 123, Mario Holzner, Amat Adarov and Luka Šikić

Backwardness, Industrialisation and Economic Development in Europe (PDF)


2016 08 wiiw bo wp 124, Isilda Mara and Michael Landesmann

Massive Migration and its Effect on Human Capital and Growth: The Case of Western Balkan and Central and Eastern European Countries (PDF)


2016 11 wiiw bo wp 125, Vladimir Gligorov

The Transfer and Adjustment Problems in the Balkans (PDF)


GDN - SEE and CIS The Sixth Phase

Papers prepared for the Sixth Phase of the GDN - SEE & CIS project:



Research area: 'Microeconomic effects':

2012 11 wiiw bo wp 100, Ivana Herceg and Danijel Nestić

A New Cluster-Based Financial Vulnerability Indicator: The Analytical Concept and its Application for Stress Testing in a Post-Socialist Economy (PDF)


2012 12 wiiw bo wp 102, Alma Kudebayeva

Effects of Crisis on Income and Poverty: The Case of Kazakhstan (PDF)


2012 12 wiiw bo wp 103, Tamara Podvysotskaya, Larysa Krasnikova, Yuriy Podvysotskiy
and Olena Osinkina

Social Aspects of Crisis Effects on Households: The Case of Ukraine (PDF)


2012 12 wiiw bo wp 105, Marat Ibragimov, Rustam Ibragimov, Jovlon Karimov and Galiya Yuldasheva

Robust Analysis of Income Inequality Dynamics in Russia: t-Statistic Based Approaches (PDF)


2013 01 wiiw bo wp 107, Laetitia Duval and François-Charles Wolff

The consumption-enhancing effect of remittances: Evidence from Kosovo (PDF)


2013 02 wiiw bo wp 108, Naida Trkić-Izmirlija and Adnan Efendić

Effects of the global economic crisis and public spending on income distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF)


2013 02 wiiw bo wp 109, Edlira Narazani

A Micro Level Perspective of Euroization in Albania (PDF)


2013 06 wiiw bo wp 111, Sebastian Leitner

Analysis of Short and Medium Term Crisis Effects on Welfare and Poverty in SEE:
Stress Testing Bulgarian and Romanian Households (PDF)



Research area: 'Macroeconomic effects':

2012 12 wiiw bo wp 106, Valentina Lapo

The spatial structure of the Russian economy and the multipolar world (PDF)


2013 05 wiiw bo wp 110, Mario Holzner

Inequality and the Crisis: A Causal Inference Analysis (PDF)



Research area: 'Policy response':

2012 12 wiiw bo wp 104, Branimir Jovanović and Marjan Petreski

Hemlock for policy response: Monetary policy, exchange rates and labour unions in SEE and CIS during the crisis (PDF)


Research area: 'Improving labour market institutions':

2012 11 wiiw bo wp 099, Goran Vukšić

Sectoral wage dynamics and intersectoral linkages in the context of export competitiveness: the case of Croatia (PDF)


2012 11 wiiw bo wp 101, Dimitar Nikoloski, Ljupcho Pechijareski and Goran Pechijareski

The role of the alternative labour market adjustment mechanisms in Macedonia during the economic crisis (PDF)


GDN - SEE The Third Phase

Papers prepared for the Third Phase of the GDN - SEE project:


Research area: 'Labour markets, migration':

2006 07 wiiw bo wp 063, Milena Jovičić and Radmila Dragutinović Mitrović

Macroeconomic Analysis of Causes and Effects of Remittances: A Panel Model of the SEE Countries and a Case Study of Serbia (PDF)


2006 07 wiiw bo wp 064, Daniel Pop

The Developmental Effectiveness of Remittances: Case Study on Huedin Town, Romania (PDF)


2006 07 wiiw bo wp 065, Vesselin Mintchev and Venelin Boshnakov

Return Migration’s Profile and Experience: Empirical Evidence from Bulgaria (PDF)


2006 08 wiiw bo wp 069, Anna Iara

Skill Diffusion by Temporary Migration? Returns to Western European Working Experience in the EU Accession Countries (PDF)


2006 07 wiiw bo wp 066, Mariana Kotzeva and Bianka Pauna

Labour Market Dynamics and Characteristics in Bulgaria and Romania: Challenges for a Successful Integration in the European Union (PDF)


Research area: 'FDI, trade, exchange rates':

2006 08 wiiw bo wp 070, Jože P. Damijan, José de Sousa and Olivier Lamotte

The Effect of Trade Liberalization in South-Eastern European Countries (PDF)


2006 07 wiiw bo wp 067, Liviu Voinea and Flaviu Mihaescu

The Determinants of Foreign Banking Activity in South East Europe: Do FDI, Bilateral Trade and EU Policies Matter? (PDF)


2006 08 wiiw bo wp 071, Erjon Luçi, Marta Muço and Elvira Sojli

Euroisation in Albania: From Spontaneous to Consensual (PDF)


2006 07 wiiw bo wp 068, Mario Holzner

Real Exchange Rate Distortion in Southeast Europe (PDF)


Research area: 'Foreign aid':

2006 08 wiiw bo wp 072, Isa Mustafa, Venera Demukaj and Mrika Kotorri

Financial and Technical Assistance in the Reconstruction and Development of Post-Conflict Kosova (PDF)


2006 09 wiiw bo wp 073, Goran Nedic

Financial and Technical Assistance in the Reconstruction and Development of Post-Conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina (PDF)


2006 01 wiiw bo wp 062, Vladimir Gligorov

Aiding Balkans (PDF)

GDN - SEE The Fourth Phase

Papers prepared for the Fourth Phase of the GDN - SEE project:


Research area: 'Inequality':

2009 10 wiiw bo wp 083, Ivo Bićanić and Oriana Vukoja

Long Term Changes in Croatia’s Wage Inequality: 1970-2006 (PDF)


2008 12 wiiw bo wp 075, Gorana Krstić and Peter Sanfey

Earnings Inequality and the Informal Economy: Evidence from Serbia (PDF)


2008 02 wiiw bo wp 074, Sebastian Leitner and Mario Holzner

Economic Inequality in Central, East and Southeast Europe (PDF)


2009 11 wiiw bo wp 084, Sebastian Leitner and Robert Stehrer

Determinants of Inequality in Selected SEE Countries: Results from Shapley Value Decompositions (PDF)


Research area: 'Migration':

2009 05 wiiw bo wp 078, Nermin Oruć

Self-Selection in Conflict-Induced Migration: Micro Evidence from Bosnia (PDF)


2009 08 wiiw bo wp 082, Daniel Pop

Guest-worker Programs and the Propensity to Emigrate: Evidence from the Work-and-travel USA program in Romania (PDF)


2009 05 wiiw bo wp 079, Isilda Shima

The New Face of Slavery in the Balkans (PDF)


2009 05 wiiw bo wp 080, José de Sousa, Laetita Duval, François-Charles Wolff, Ana Bleahu and Rodica Calmuc

Determinants and Implications of Remittances in Albania and Romania (PDF)


2009 04 wiiw bo wp 076, Anna Iara

The Effect of Work Migration on Domestic Labour Supply in Albania (PDF)


Research area: 'Fiscal systems':

2009 04 wiiw bo wp 077, Edlira Narazani

Labour Supply, Remittances and the New Flat Tax in Albania (PDF)


2009 05 wiiw bo wp 081, Flaviu Mihaescu and Liviu Voinea

The Impact of the Flat Tax Reform on Inequality: The Case of Romania (PDF)


GDN - SEE The Second Phase



Papers prepared for the Second Phase of the GDN - SEE project:


Research area: 'Enterprise development and labour markets':


2004 04 wiiw bo wp 039, Marta Muço, Peter Sanfey, Erjon Luçi and Genti Hashorva

Private Sector and Labour Market Developments in Albania: Formal versus Informal (PDF)


2004 03 wiiw bo wp 037, Rumen Dobrinsky

Small Private Sector in Bulgaria: Labour Market Impact and “Grey Zone” Activity (PDF)


2004 06 wiiw bo wp 048, Vedran Šošić

Regulation and Flexibility of the Croatian Labour Market (PDF)


2004 06 wiiw bo wp 049, Maja Micevska

Unemployment and Labour Market Rigidities in Southeast Europe (PDF)


2004 06 wiiw bo wp 050, Max Gillman and Dario Cziráky

Inflation and Endogenous Growth in Underground Economies (PDF)


2004 03 wiiw bo wp 038, Edward Christie and Mario Holzner

Household Tax Compliance and the Shadow Economy in Central and Southeastern Europe (PDF)


Research area: 'Understanding Reform':

2003 05 wiiw bo wp 029, Ivo Bičanić, Vladimir Gligorov and Ivan Krastev

State, Public Goods and Reform (PDF)


2004 06 wiiw bo wp 046, Vesna Bojičić-Dželilović, Fikret Caušević and Rajko Tomaš

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Understanding Reform (PDF)


2004 10 wiiw bo wp 056, Boyko Nikolov, Nikolay Markov, Nasko Dochev, Dimitar Dimitrov, Rumyana Kolarova and Rumen Dobrinsky

Understanding Reform: A Country Study for Bulgaria (PDF)


2003 11 wiiw bo wp 033, Ivo Bičanić and Vojmir Franičević

Understanding Reform: the Case of Croatia (PDF)


2004 05 wiiw bo wp 042, Mihail Petkovski and Gligor Bishev

Understanding Reforms in Macedonia (PDF)


2004 06 wiiw bo wp 047, Veselin Vukotić

Elements for Understanding Economic Reforms in Montenegro (PDF)


2004 01 wiiw bo wp 036, Pavle Petrović

Serbia: Macroeconomic Stabilization and Reform, 2001 to 2003 (PDF)


2004 05 wiiw bo wp 043, Mojmir Mrak, Peter Stanovnik and Franjo Štiblar

Slovenia – Understanding Reforms (PDF)


Research area: 'The path towards accession to the EU':


2003 11 wiiw bo wp 031, Heather Grabbe

The Process of EU Accession: What Will it Bring to Southeast Europe? (PDF)


2003 11, Patrick A. Messerlin, Sébastien Miroudot

Trade Liberalization in South East Europe: From a Network of 23 FTAs to a Full Free Trade Area? (PDF)


2003 06 wiiw bo wp 030, Vladimir Gligorov, Mario Holzner and Michael Landesmann

Prospects for Further (South) Eastern EU Enlargement: Form Divergence to Convergence? (PDF)


2004 12 wiiw bo wp 058, Vladimir Gligorov

Southeast Europe: Regional Cooperation with Multiple Equilibria (PDF)


2003 11 wiiw bo wp 034, Milko Štimac

Barons Uprising (PDF)


2004 05, George Stubos, Ioannis Tsikripis

Banking Sector Developments in South-eastern Europe (PDF)


2003 11 wiiw bo wp 032, Višnja Samardžija

Croatia’s Preparation for EU Accession (PDF)


2003 11 wiiw bo wp 035, Daniel Daianu and Dragoş Pâslaru

The Romanian Economy and the EU (PDF)