A blog version of the wiiw working paper No. 93 on 'The Determinants of Income Polarization on the Household and Country Level across the EU' was published at LSE's EUROPP – European Politics and Policy Blog. The very friendly and highly professional LSE blog editors encourage submissions of posts.

Olga Radzyner Award 2013

The Oesterreichische Nationalbank has a long tradition of supporting science and academic research. In this spirit, the OeNB introduced the Olga Radzyner Award, which is bestowed on excellent young economists from Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe and which commemorates Olga Radzyner, former Head of the OeNB’s Foreign Research Division. The submitted work should be in the form of a working paper or a scientific article and should focus on European economic integration. Four applicants younger than 35 are to receive a single payment of EUR 3,000 each.

For more details please visit the following OeNB link.

EIZ Call for Papers

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is organizing an international conference on The Role of Europe’s Industry in the 21st Century to be held in November 2013. The conference intends to bring together experts from academia, international institutions, central banks, government institutions and the private sector to discuss the future of industry in the European Union and South East Europe. For more information on the conference call for papers please follow the EIZ link.

New wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Papers

The wiiw Balkan Observatory Working Papers series announces the publication of several new downloadable working papers. Starting with the number 99, they were written in the framework of the latest wiiw GDN-SEE&CIS research competition. The overarching topic was about "Crisis Effects: Growth Prospects, Social Impact and Policy Responses in SEE and CIS".

Economics in Crisis Call

The University of Pula (Croatia) organises the 6th International Scientific Conference "The Changing Economic Landscape: Issues, Implications and Policy Options; Economics in Crisis - The Crisis of Economics - the rise of Political Economics driven by Fiscal Austerity". The Conference is open for topics from all fields in economics and interrelated studies. For more information on the call for papers please visit the conference website.